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Hi, I Am Alex. Thank You for Investing Your Attention

I built a 6-figure career as a corporate executive, co-founded a 7-figure online business, and lived as a 0-figure Ordained Buddhist monk. All have had their ups and downs. My most profound learning is that you will never become the smartest person, but you can choose to be the calmest.

Today I help, invest and create with great people from all around the world. My perspective on the future is that the world will not be filled with less technology, information, and solicitation of our attention. In 10 years, I do not believe we will be less anxious, stressed, and depressed unless we learn to be Digitally Mindful. In other words, we cannot sacrifice our and others' Internal Wealth in the pursuit of External Wealth. I've concluded that I won't outearn or outsmart everyone around me, but I am committed to Outcalm everyone around me.

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Fabian Foo

CEO and Founder at MatchMde

When I first met Alex, I was initially having a fragmented team. Alex guides me not to take no for an answer, often pushes me to my boundaries to challenge others in the team. As the sessions went by, I became more conscious of my role as a Founder, thereby aligning the rest of the cofounders to execute our corporate strategy and adopting a similar mindset. Alex has helped me to frame my mindset and compartmentalize issues. He doesn’t usually come up with the solution initially, instead guides you to approach it step by step. He also teaches me various techniques to prepare the mind. In my case, as the Founder, he often guides me on from a strategy perspective and often challenges me to push beyond my initial mindset. After just a few sessions, I have transformed my mindset in how I approach an issue. I would highly recommend Alex to other founders and executives when it comes to scaling yourself and your company.

David Emanuel.png

David Emanuel De Sousa Barbosa, CEO Alpha Rock Capital

Alex takes an active part in your progress towards success while keeping an eye on your blind side, so you stay aligned. As a new CEO, I needed more time and urgency to make the correct decisions to push the company in the right direction. Alex was quick to help me form my first 100 days to deliver as much measurable impact as possible while keeping my sanity and values intact. Alex has excellent stakeholder management skills that he quickly transferred to me in managing our investors, business partners and employees. I can highly recommend Alex to any leader needing guidance on how to create better collaboration with stakeholders and with the internal alignment of their leadership development skills.

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