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Alpha Rock Capital

Co-founder of the first e-commerce aggregator. We buy and scale e-commerce assets and leverage digital workforce.

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Mudita Digital

 Mudita Digital is a web3 service provider and think-tank. We focus on raising capital and building products that advocate for a more mindful rather than mindless metaverse.

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Outcalm is a management and mental performance company that transforms calmness into a competitive advantage and offsets panic in your ventures. 

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tedx: Navigating digitalmindfulness.

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All Videos

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Do you recall the silence? The quietness? The pause? Do you remember the time before the internet? If you do, you are part of a generation going extinct.


If you do not, know that there are valuable lessons to be learned from a world offline.


When information is free, it is our attention that becomes costly.


Be mindful of your investments.

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