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Angel Investors Do Not Watch Over the Business They Watch Over the Founders

Conscious Capital Grows People First and Business Second

You Are...


You are a pre-seed (but post-MVP) or post-seed startup looking to scale. Your product is digital and is dealing with consumer behaviour to some degree. You are disruptive, looking to change the game and have a clear roadmap to be financially sustainable.

As a founder, you got skin in the game, and you are open-minded. (Optional: you are in some way associated with South East Asia)

If this sounds like your startup, you might be eligible for an investment. I do small-cap (5,000 USD - 25,000 USD) equity investments and offer advisory services alongside capital.

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The Best Option if You Are Facing Problems With:

  • How to get funding for seed and Series A 

  • How to build a competent Council of advisors

  • How to scale up efficiency while scaling down costs

  • How to keep investors and co-founders happy


How It Works:

  • Connect with me on LinkedIn and send me a small pitch along with your deck and ticket size. Please tell me why you would consider me as an investor rather than someone else. 

  • Afterwards, we take a 45-min call to see if we are a good fit.

  • Following the call, I would request access to your data room for due diligence.

  • Any questions would be followed up in subsequent calls, and if we are aligned, I’ll be happy to invest.

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What You Experience:

  • An engaged investor willing to take an active part in growing the company

  • Introductions and help in raising further rounds

  • Guidance in setting up outsourcing solutions and other structural benefits for the company


Fabian Foo

CEO and Founder at MatchMde

When I first met Alex, I was initially having a fragmented team. Alex guides me not to take no for an answer, often pushes me to my boundaries to challenge others in the team. As the sessions went by, I became more conscious of my role as a Founder, thereby aligning the rest of the cofounders to execute our corporate strategy and adopting a similar mindset. Alex has helped me to frame my mindset and compartmentalize issues. He doesn’t usually come up with the solution initially, instead guides you to approach it step by step. He also teaches me various techniques to prepare the mind. In my case, as the Founder, he often guides me on from a strategy perspective and often challenges me to push beyond my initial mindset. After just a few sessions, I have transformed my mindset in how I approach an issue. I would highly recommend Alex to other founders and executives when it comes to scaling yourself and your company.

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David Emanuel De Sousa Barbosa, CEO Alpha Rock Capital

Alex takes an active part in your progress towards success while keeping an eye on your blind side, so you stay aligned. As a new CEO, I needed more time and urgency to make the correct decisions to push the company in the right direction. Alex was quick to help me form my first 100 days to deliver as much measurable impact as possible while keeping my sanity and values intact. Alex has excellent stakeholder management skills that he quickly transferred to me in managing our investors, business partners and employees. I can highly recommend Alex to any leader needing guidance on how to create better collaboration with stakeholders and with the internal alignment of their leadership development skills.

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